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Floor CLEANING IN Lower Merion 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hudson Hardwood Floors is dedicated to completing projects efficiently. We're the hardwood floor company you didn't know you needed, committed to getting the job done. Explore our website for valuable information that we believe will provide the answers and solutions you've been seeking.


About Us

We've grown weary of witnessing clients experiencing disappointment, tarnishing the industry's reputation and straining our client relationships. Frustrated by this, we've chosen to forge our own path to demonstrate the possibilities. Instead of claiming to be the best, we'll let the quality of our work speak for itself. Take a moment to explore our services and share your thoughts with us.

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    Our Services

    Let's be transparent – in our industry, most companies provide similar solutions, with only slight variations. However, we're not just another company. In all honesty, you won't find anyone else capable of delivering the range and quality that we offer. To offer you a glimpse of our capabilities, we've outlined and detailed what sets us apart.

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    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Occasionally, your hardwood flooring solution may require more than just routine maintenance. Instead of opting for the costly route of completely tearing it up, why not contemplate refinishing the floor? It yields the same results in significantly less time and, importantly, at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today for more details.

    Hardwood Floor Installation

    After collecting all the materials, we earnestly urge you not to attempt installing your hardwood floor on your own. We are confident that not only do you have more important tasks at hand, but we can also complete the job more efficiently in half the time. Reach out to us today, and let's schedule a visit from one of our expert teams.

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    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Ensuring you stay on top of the essential maintenance needs for your hardwood floor is vital. To assist you in this, we'd like to present our hardwood floor cleaning service. It encompasses various elements, and if you're curious about the specifics and how they can benefit you, simply reach out to us. Our amiable experts will happily provide all the details.

    Stair Refinishing & Repair

    Rest assured, this service is not what you might initially expect. Take a moment to make a few guesses, and if it remains unclear, don't fret. Explore our website where we take the time to provide a detailed explanation. Once you've gone through it, and if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us promptly.


    Hardwood Floor

    Hardwood repair tasks can vary in size and complexity. It's essential to be ready for anything, and at Hudson Hardwood Floors, we've crafted a range of repair solutions to not only guarantee completion but to ensure it's done with precision. There's no challenge we can't tackle, and to witness our capabilities firsthand, give us a try today. You won't be disappointed.

    Retail & Commercial Hardwood Floors

    You might have briefly thought we overlooked you, but consider the possibility that we saved the best for last. Our dedicated department focuses on meeting the diverse needs of our commercial and retail clients, regardless of their nature. Witness firsthand how we've earned our place as one of the industry's leading names.

    Contact Us Today

    Our clientele spans a wide spectrum, encompassing individuals of all ages and from various locations within the state and even across the entire country. Managing such diversity necessitated establishing open communication channels tailored to each. Whether you prefer social media, email, or telephone contact, we've implemented mechanisms to accommodate your choice. We're prepared and eager to turn your hardwood flooring dreams into reality.